Ecommerce Platforms for Small Businesses

Ecommerce Platforms for Small Businesses

  1. Symphony Commerce

Symphony commerce is an ecommerce platform that markets itself as a commerce as a service provider. Firms cannot always transform their business from a physical experience to a digitally based one. To do this they would have to employ IT professionals that can look after your online store. However, with symphony ecommerce you will not have to worry about your online store and you can focus on the main aspects of your business. Symphony commerce is a great ecommerce platform for businesses that are small and rapidly growing.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is an affordable ecommerce platform that is great for small businesses. It allows users to choose between several layouts and you have no limit to how many items can be uploaded on to your site. It offers users with a lot of features and gives you control over your inventory management systems. Squarespace may not provide features that will work well with the customer relationship management or the search engine optimization but it is great for small retailers who want to sell their products.

  1. Magento

Magento is an ecommerce platform that not only works with small businesses but with large businesses as well. It is an open source platform which means that users can simply add on the features that they want in the simplest manner. However magento has much more complicated features as compared to other ecommerce platforms for those retailers who are using it for the first time. Users would have to learn how to use magento before starting to use the platform.

  1. CommerceHub

CommerceHub is a cloud based service that is greatly used by small businesses. It lets retailers add to their inventory so that they can offer more products to the customers. It mainly works as a platform that will help connect the retailers to their suppliers. CommerceHub helps smallers businesses start up and compete with the larger firms. It is a great platform for small businesses that have already begun to hit their sales mark.

  1. Drupal Commerce

Out of all the ecommerce platforms, drupal commerce is the only one that is created within a whole content management system. Drupal commerce allows its users to customize their workflow however and whenever they want. However if you are working your business all by yourself drupal commerce may not be the best option for you. When using a platform such as drupal commerce you would need an in-house developer that can assist with setting everything up.



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