Best Ecommerce Plug-ins Compared – 2018

Best Ecommerce Plug-ins Compared – 2018

  1. Woocommerce

Woocommerce has various themes to choose from as well as different features that users can add on to their website without any difficulty. With a variety of themes, users can customize their website layout according to their liking. Woocommerce allows retailers to sell digital downloads such as ebooks as well as physical items. Furthermore, it has great inventory management system so that it can manage all your products.

However on the other hand woocommerce has certain drawbacks such as having too many options that can be rather intimidating to a first time user. Lastly even though it does have many themes to choose from, not all the themes you choose may be supported which could be a problem.

  1. Easy digital downloads

Easy digital downloads is known to create online websites with a beautiful online store. From the start of its installation it is an easy to user ecommerce platform with several extensions present for digital downloads. Easy digital downloads is also most likely to work with every kind of wordpress theme. Moreover there is a great support team that helps providing tutorials and videos. However, it may be difficult to sell non digital items along with digital downloads. Furthermore, if you want to sell an external product you would have to install a separate add on to do so.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platform available today. It is very easy to use for those users who are installing the platform for the first time. Shopify also allows its users to sell both physical goods such as t-shirts and digital downloads such as eBooks. Its inventory management is also a great benefit of using shopify as it can simply help you track all your sales without any problem. With shopify payments can be made through credit cards as well as in person.

On the other hand shopify has certain drawbacks as well, such as it’s shopify payments. They payment platform may seem easy but if you want to use an external system it could tend to complicate things for first time users and shopify would charge you an extra fee for the external system. Another drawback is the shopify monthly platform fee which may be comparatively more when buying a separate hosting site as well as the additional add on’s that the users may wish to purchase.


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