Top 5 Tips for Great E-commerce Websites’ Product Photography

With deep internet penetration and easy accessibility of Smartphones, online store owners have endless opportunities to make money off customers easily. They have pretty much everything they need to turn site visitors into buying customers quickly. As competition becomes stiffer in the online space, business owners are shifting their strategies from just displaying products and their prices to marketing, web design and branding strategies. That’s because customers don’t just look at price alone, they want assurances that any business they are transacting online with is legitimate and professional. One-way e-commerce business owners can make their businesses legit and professional is through perfect product photography. Therefore, if you’re running an e-commerce website, consider the following tips when looking to achieve perfect product photography.

E-commerce websites’ product photos should be taken on a white background

When shooting photos for your e-commerce websites, the product should always be the primary focus. Taking your product photos on a white background prevents customers from shifting their focus from the product. A background that includes colors or other objects may drive the attention of the customer away from the product. Also, white surfaces reflect light, which means sufficient lighting will be available, which is a necessary ingredient to achieve perfect photography. In fact, during editing, it will be easier to come up with great photos, as the background is solid and consistent.

Use the best equipment to achieve excellent product photos for your e-commerce website Builder

As the number of e-commerce websites grows rapidly, demand for product photos also increases. This has seen the upsurge of digital cameras that are able to take high-resolution product photos. Digital cameras guarantee the best quality photos and they come with lenses designed for zooming to capture every detail of the product. A typical example of a digital camera that is making waves is the pro series DSLR. It automatically swaps lenses, has a large storage capacity and can capture images in a variety of modes. These features simplify photography as the final product will require little editing.

Capture every detail when taking photos for e-commerce websites

Make sure to capture every detail of the product when taking photos. While customers want to see how the product looks on the outside, they also want to see its internal features. For example, when selling suits, show the images of inner pockets, its design, shape color, and texture. In addition, take the photos of someone wearing the suits. This brings out the true appearance of the product and hastens customers buying decision.

websites’ product photography

Consistency in quality of your e-commerce websites’ product photos is vital

Consistency in quality product photos is key to your e-commerce website’s success. In this day and age, you can not afford to be inconsistent with quality. You can’t take quality photos today, and take mediocre quality photos the next day and expect to succeed. In fact, customers will construe this as unprofessional and they will abandon your online store.

Camera stability is a critical component of your e-commerce websites’ product photography.

A stable camera will automatically generate sharp and clear pictures. To stabilize your camera to capture sharp and clear pictures, you require a tripod to mount it. If the camera is unstable, for example, if you’re holding the camera by your hands when taking photos, the images may turn out to be blurred. Blurred images are not great for e-commerce websitea. It’s also vital to understand the features of your digital camera and adjust it accordingly during the product photo shooting session.


These are the most important tips when looking to achieve excellent product photography. However, the customer’s perception matters the most when it comes to e-commerce product photography. That’s why you have to put your target market in mind when taking product photos for your e-commerce websites.

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